Bioactive extracellular matrix peptides for functional tissue repair and regeneration

Tissue regeneration requires signals from extracellular matrix

Throughout the body, extracellular matrices (ECMs) store bioactive signals called matrikines that drive tissue repair by triggering intracellular pathways that mediate cell differentiation and proliferation.

Delivery of matrikines significantly improves tissue repair and healing by stimulating the body’s innate reparative physiology.

Matrikynes® activate regenerative pathways that promote tissue repair

Matrikynes® are proprietary combinations of matrikine peptides that activate pro-regenerative mechanisms to modulate inflammation, reverse tissue damage, and accelerate cellular renewal.

Leveraging systemic physiology, Matrikynes® are safe, natural bioactive factors that provide therapeutic benefits by mediating tissue remodeling and regeneration in a variety of tissue repair settings.

Topical applications

Independent clinical studies validate the efficacy of Matrikynes® for topical applications. In a clinical study of 56 women, Matrikynes® showed statistically significant improvements in skin barrier function, skin barrier repair, skin density, skin hydration, hyperpigmentation, and global fine lines and wrinkles.

Matrikynes® significantly increases skin density:

Representative ultrasound echo images (left) and quantification of ultrasound echo intensity (right) in the dermis. From independent clinical study of 56 women, age 35-65. * p < 0.001

  • SOURCE: Clinical evaluation of Matrikynes®: A novel cosmetic ingredient comprised of matrikine peptides

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