Environment matters.

Just as the environment matters at the macro scale for plants and animals, it is essential at the micro scale for cells. Recognizing the importance of the native cellular microenvironment, Xylyx Bio is harnessing the power of tissue-specific extracellular matrix, the body’s native cell environment, for both drug discovery and tissue regeneration.

Cell Culture

Xylyx Bio's suite of native tissue-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) products bring the most physiologic cell environments possible to the petri dish to radically improve early-stage drug discovery efforts.

Tissue Regeneration

With potential to address multiple unmet clinical needs, Xylyx Bio is utilizing its proprietary matrix bioactives to pursue R&D on clinically-oriented products derived from tissue-specific ECM.


Webinar: Redefining cancer research with IN SITE™ Metastasis Kit

Metastasis is the dissemination of cancer cells to distant organs: bone, liver, and lung being the most common sites of metastasis. The lack of in-vitro models that recapitulate the tissue-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) in metastatic sites presents a significant barrier for better understanding the mechanisms driving tumor colonization and consequently to developing drugs that effectively […]

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Xylyx Bio releases advanced disease model system to improve cancer drug discovery

More faithful representation of disease biology is key to identify drivers of metastasis and targets for therapeutic intervention. Xylyx Bio’s IN SITE™ Metastasis Kit incorporates native tissue bone, liver, and lung extracellular matrices to provide key features of site-specific microenvironments, allowing scientists to more accurately model cancer metastasis in common secondary sites.

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Xylyx Bio offers advanced lung models to accelerate COVID-19-related drug development

Humanized IN MATRICO™ Lung Fibrosis Assay provides insight into efficacy of drug candidates consistent with clinical results, increasing predictiveness and accelerating decision making in development of drugs for lung fibrosis.

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Allevi Partners with Xylyx Bio to Create Liver Specific Bioinks

Only a handful of researchers and companies around the world are tackling liver-specific bioinks, and one of them is now Allevi. The Philadelphia-based biotech company has now partnered with Xylyx Bio, a pioneer in physiomimetic biomaterials, to introduce new tissue-specific bioinks with Decellularized Extracellular Matrix (dECM). Starting with the liver, they will seek to recapitulate the native tissue microenvironment in 3D bioprinting.

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