Environment matters.

Just as the environment matters at the macro scale for plants and animals, it is essential at the micro scale for cells. Recognizing the importance of the native cellular microenvironment, Xylyx Bio is harnessing the power of tissue-specific extracellular matrix, the body’s native cell environment, for both drug discovery and tissue regeneration.

Cell Culture

Xylyx provides native cellular microenvironments derived from tissue-specific extracellular matrix (ECM), enabling the most accurate and actionable results for scientists working in pharmaceutical development, cell biology research and regenerative

Tissue Regeneration

With potential to address multiple unmet clinical needs, Xylyx is harnessing the power of its proprietary matrix bioactives to pursue R&D on clinically-oriented products derived from tissue-specific extracellular matrix


East River BioSolutions Announces Rebrand to Xylyx Bio

East River BioSolutions, a biotech company specializing in cell-specific extracellular matrix biomaterials, today announced its rebrand to Xylyx Bio. The new branding underscores the Company’s focus on accelerating science for improved human health.

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East River BioSolutions releases NativeCoat™ ECM substrates

East River BioSolutions announced the release of NativeCoat™ ECM – a novel line of 2D in vitro cell culture coatings comprised of native tissue-derived extracellular matrix (ECM) that enables scientists to study cells in their tissue-specific microenvironments, leading to more physiologically relevant testing and thus more accurate and actionable scientific results.

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East River BioSolutions Awarded NIH SBIR Phase I Grant

East River BioSolutions is proud to announce that it has been awarded SBIR Phase I grant from the NIIH. The award will support further development of a fibrotic lung-specific cell culture substrate that will allow scientists to build more physiologically relevant in vitro models of IPF.

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