IN MATRICO™ Drug Discovery

Increasing predictiveness and confidence in drug discovery
for cancer, fibrosis, and other devastating diseases.


Tissue-specific ECM substrates enable high-fidelity disease models that reflect human disease biology.


IN MATRICO™ compound testing services accurately predict in-vivo drug response.

Data Packages

Patient, tissue, and molecular data provide valuable clinical context to inform compound testing design and results.


VIVIQ™ Skin Health Launches to Bring Clinical Benefits to Prestige Skincare

Xylyx Bio launched VIVIQ Skin Health, a prestige skincare brand with the world’s first and only skincare product powered by Matrikynes® biotechnology, a clinically proven blend of extracellular matrix peptides designed to bring clinic-worthy results to consumer skincare.

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Xylyx Bio and Cell&Soft Announce positive initial results following Strategic Partnership to Develop Next-Generation in vitro Platforms to Accelerate Cancer Drug Discovery

New  York-based Xylyx Bio, a leader in predictive disease models and tissue-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) products, and Cell&Soft SAS, a French biotech company specializing in innovative soft cell culture plates, today announced positive preliminary results, reaching a key milestone in their partnership to develop more physiologically relevant in vitro cellular models for cell-based assays in oncology.

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XYLYX BIO launches specialized contract R&D services that increase predictiveness in antifibrotic drug discovery

Xylyx Bio now offers specialized contract R&D services based on its highly predictive IN MATRICO™ platform. Xylyx Bio’s custom assays incorporate human disease-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) substrates combined with clinically relevant informatics to better represent human biology and reliably de-risk drug discovery through early efficacy signals that simultaneously reduce costs and development time.

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XYLYX BIO releases highly physiologic 2D substrates for improved antifibrotic drug discovery

Xylyx Bio, a leader in advanced disease models, today announced the release of normal and fibrotic NativeCoat™ human lung- and liver-specific ECM substrates for antifibrotic drug discovery to increase predictiveness of high throughput screening and improve evaluation of efficacy of biopharmaceutical drug candidates for hard to treat fibrotic diseases such as IPF and NASH.

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What they’re saying

“ We were looking for a product to use for engineering cartilage tissue. We used the TissueSpec® Cartilage ECM Hydrogel to encapsulate chondrocytes within the 3D tissue environment the cells are exposed to in native cartilage. Chondrocytes grew really well, and these tissue constructs have developed mechanical and biochemical properties and histological staining similar to native articular cartilage.”
Bob Nims, PhD, Columbia University