3D lung tumor model with lung extracellular matrix to predict drug efficacy

Evelyn Aranda, Igal Germanguz, Jennifer C. Xiong, Natalia Kissel, Alexandra Nichols, John D. O’Neill

Cell-based assays are widely used to select the most promising anti-cancer drug candidates in early-stage drug development, however, nearly 90% of drug candidates still fail in clinical trials. Compared to conventional two dimensional in-vitro monolayer culture systems used for drug testing, three-dimensional (3D) culture systems incorporating TissueSpec® extracellular matrix (ECM) hydrogel better recapitulate the physiologic cell–cell and cell– matrix interactions of the tumor microenvironment, enabling greater predictability of drug efficacy while maintaining workflow compatibility. The use of 3D lung tumor models with lung-specific ECM hydrogel is critical to identify targets for drug candidates and obtain more accurate and actionable results in early-stage drug development.

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