Cell Culture

The development of better medicine begins with better disease models. By bringing the native in-vivo environment to the in-vitro setting, Xylyx Bio’s tissue-specific and disease-specific ECM substrates support cell culture models that are significantly more predictive of human physiology, thus facilitating acceleration of drug discovery and development.


Cell culture substrates like collagen type I gels, tumor-derived basement membrane extracts, and synthetic materials lack physiologic relevance.

Conducting studies with cell culture substrates derived from disease-associated sources reduces translatability to clinical applications.

Culturing cells in non-physiologic substrates leads to artificial test results that do not accurately reflect human physiology.

Variations in the concentrations of potent growth factors between lots reduces consistency and comprises the reproducibility of results.


Xylyx Bio tissue-specific ECM substrates contain the full milieu of proteins and growth factors present in the native environment of the cell type of interest.

Our products facilitate downstream clinical translation because they contain tissue-specific extracellular matrix from ethically-sourced healthy porcine or human tissues.

Xylyx Bio ECM substrates provide ideal conditions for maintaining cell phenotype, leading to enhanced in-vitro models and more accurate and physiologically relevant results.

Our tissue-specific ECM products demonstrate consistent composition profiles across different lots, resulting in standardized experiments and reproducible results.

Cell Culture Products

The extracellular matrix (ECM) plays a pivotal role in the regulation of cell fate and function and is highly specific to each organ. Our goal at Xylyx Bio is to make commercially available a suite of extracellular matrix substrates for enhancing 2D and 3D cell culture. We have demonstrated that culturing cells in their endogenous cell-specific ECM results in superior cell performance in-vitro.

NativeCoat™ and TissueSpec® ECM substrates contain the suite of natural adhesion and signaling factors present in the native tissue matrix and offer your cells physiological features found in natural organs. The products can also be used as matrix bioactives to be incorporated into other substrates, organs-on-a-chip, bioinks, and more to bring greater physiologic relevance to any in vitro model.

2D ECM Surface Coatings

Coat any cell culture surface with NativeCoat™ ECM to give your cells the full milieu of proteins and growth factors present in the native tissue of interest.

3D ECM Hydrogels

Culture your cells on the surface or within our TissueSpec® ECM hydrogels to bring the complete, endogenous ECM environment into your in vitro setting.

3D ECM Scaffolds

TissueSpec® ECM Scaffolds give cells the total 3D environment by providing the biochemical, architectural, and mechanical features of a specific tissue.


Our tissue-specific ECM substrates enhance research across multiple research areas.

Cell Culture FAQ

Learn more about our tissue-specific extracellular matrix substrates for cell culture.

What are tissue-specific ECMs?

Tissue-specific ECMs are a series of native extracellular matrix (ECM) products derived from a variety of natural organs and optimized for ease of use in research. Extracellular matrix is isolated directly from natural organs like bone, heart, liver, and lung and processed into multiple product formats for use in cell and tissue culture studies.

What are the advantages of culturing my cells with tissue-specific ECM substrates?

Tissue-specific ECM substrates provide your cells a host of native, bioactive micro-environmental factors not present in other cell culture substrates. Unlike tumor basement membrane extracts, tissue-specific ECM products do not contain any exogenous growth factors.

What is the source of organs used to derive tissue-specific ECM products?

Tissue-specific ECM products are derived from natural organs of porcine origin. Xylyx Bio also offers custom matrix products derived from alternative sources (e.g., human, bovine).

What is the TissueSpec® ECM Scaffold substrate?

TissueSpec® ECM Scaffolds are acellular tissue sections that retain the matrix architecture and ultrastructural properties of the original tissue.