3D cell and organoid culture

Maintenance of stem cells and organoids in culture requires the appropriate tissue-specific ECM niche. TissueSpec® ECM Hydrogels, including heart, liver, lung, and more, provide high-fidelity niches that support stem cell-matrix interactions and regulate cell maintenance, proliferation, and differentiation.

Bone ECM cell culture substrate

MTSBN101 TissueSpec® Bone ECM Hydrogel

Heart ECM cell culture substrate

MTSHT101 TissueSpec® Heart ECM Hydrogel

Intestine ECM cell culture substrate

MTSIN101 TissueSpec® Intestine ECM Hydrogel

Kidney ECM cell culture substrate

MTSKY101 TissueSpec® Kidney ECM Hydrogel

Liver ECM cell culture substrate

MTSLV101 TissueSpec® Liver ECM Hydrogel

Lung ECM cell culture substrate

MTSLG101 TissueSpec® Lung ECM Hydrogel

Skin ECM cell culture substrate

MTSSK101 TissueSpec® Skin ECM Hydrogel

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